Outcast OSG Stealth Pro Package -Used


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2017 8′ Outcast OSG Stealth Pro Kick Boat Package
$550 (retail is $1,050+)

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2017 8′ Outcast OSG Stealth Pro Kick Boat Package
$550 (retail is $1,050+)

Package Includes:
Outcast OSG Stealth Pro kick boat in 2-Tone Gray/Lime
2-piece Aluminum Oars
Stripping Basket
Scotty Anchor System, Rope & Carabiner


  • 8′ Long
  • Total Width:  5′ Wide
  • 16.25″ in Diameter Tubes with 2 Air Chambers
  • Total Weight:  33 lbs
  • 2-Layer Design: Inner, air-rentetive AIREcell; Outter PVC Skin
  • Inner AIREcell Material:  Urethane (Light and insanely durable and flexible in all temperatures. Far better than vinyl!)
  • Outer Fabric Denier / Material Weight:  1000 PVC / 24 oz. (abrasion resistant and durable)
  • Seam Construction:  Welded (far superior to glue or sewn construction)
  • Valves:  Summit II
  • Frameless design for ultra packability and super fast and easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Built-In inflated rear cargo deck
  • Padded Folding Seat that can be easily adjusted to accommodate leg length or preference
  • Aluminum Foot Bar that are adjustable for any leg length
  • 2, Outcast Integrated Gear System Mounts
  • 1, Frameless Cargo Pocket
  • Fly Line Apron/Stripping Basket
  • Scotty Frameless Mount Anchor System with Anchor Rope and Carabiner
  • for attaching Scotty devices (Deck MountsRod Holder, Anchor System)
  • 2, Outcast Aluminum Oars
  • Basic Repair Kit
  • Warranty:  5-year (about 3.5 years left but there are no defects or patches on this boat)

Shop Staff Notes:  This OSG Stealth Pro personal kick boat was in our rental fleet for the past 2 seasons and is in good condition.  The fabric on the seat and the top of the Frameless Cargo Pocket are sun faded but everything is still in excellent condition and works well.  This is a fun boat that packs down to a very manageable size so it’s perfect to throw in a trunk or in an RV.  Though it’s packs small, it’s not wimpy and can handle some serious water.  The Missouri is mainly where it has been used but it’s also done well on the Blackfoot and a couple of other technical rivers that shall remain unnamed.  The 5-year warranty will transfer to the buyer so there will be 3 years left after this season.  (You won’t need to worry about the warranty now -the boat is in excellent condition with no patches.)   We have this raft listed on Craigslist.org so we expect it to sell quickly at this price. Please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call in our Craig store if you are interested in this raft.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We prefer not to ship this Boat Package but it is possible to box it up and ship it.  It will cost about $100+ to ship and insure it.  If you buy this boat on our website and want it shipped to you, please indicate that in the NOTES section.  We will then send you a separate PayPal Invoice for the shipping.  Once we receive that, we will send it out to you.  BEST OPTION- If you buy it here on our website, we will hold it for you and make arrangements with you to pick it up. (Fall is a great time to fish the Missouri, so make a fun trip to pick up the boat and use it on the MO!)

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