Outcast PAC 900 Package -Used


$1,575.00 $775.00

2016 9′ Outcast PAC 900 Kick Boat Package
$775 (retail is $1,575+)

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2016 9′ Outcast PAC 900 Kick Boat Package
$775 (retail is $1,575+)

NO SHIPPING on this Boat Package -This MUST be picked up at our Craig Store.  If you buy it here on our website, we will hold it for you and make arrangements with you to pick it up. (Fall is a great time to fish the Missouri, so make a fun trip to pick up the raft and use it on the MO!)

Package Includes:
Outcast PAC 900 pontoon kick boat in green
2-piece Aluminum Oars
Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
Anchor Rope, Link and Anchor


  • Tubes:  9′ Long, 16″ in Diameter with 1 Air Chamber per tube
  • Total Width:  54″ Wide
  • Total Weight:  57 lbs
  • 2-Layer Design: Inner, Air-Rentetive AIREcell; Outter PVC Skin
  • Inner AIREcell Material:  Urethane (Light and insanely durable and flexible in all temperatures. Far better than vinyl!)
  • Outer Fabric Denier / Material Weight:  1100 PVC / 27 oz. (abrasion resistant and durable)
  • Seam Construction:  Welded (far superior to glue or sewn construction)
  • Valves:  Summit II
  • Frame:  4-piece Powder-Coated Aluminum (can’t rust) w/ quick release Springer Clips for easy assembly and disassembly and adjustment
  • Built-In rear cargo deck w/ welded motor mount
  • Through-Frame Anchor System (the best design of any kick-boat in the industry!!)
  • Outcast Padded Folding Seat on an adjustable slide rail to accommodate any leg length or preference
  • Pontoon Boat Fly Line Apron
  • NRS Cam Straps (4/tube for Frame to tube)
  • 2, Outcast 7′, 2-Piece Aluminum Oars w/ Oar Stops
  • 2, Deluxe Cargo Pockets w/ built-in Rod Holders and Drink Holders
  • ~40′ Anchor Rope with Quicklink and 12 lbs Lead Anchor
  • Basic Repair Kit
  • Warranty:  10-year (7 years left!!)

Shop Notes:  This PAC 900 personal pontoon kick boat was in our rental fleet for the past 2 1/2 seasons and is in excellent conditions.  The only thing that looks used is the 2, Deluxe Cargo Pockets because they are faded from black to gray from the sun.  This year we replaced all the Cam Straps with new NRS Cam Straps which are the best in the industry and will last for more than a decade for sure.  The PAC series of boats from Outcast are without a doubt, the BEST pontoon kick-boats you can buy.  The powered coated aluminum frames are light, strong and will not rust or corrode. They also have the best Anchor System in the business that really works well.  Chris has taken these boats down the 5-day Smith River trip a few times (once in a PAC 9000, and in a PAC 900 and in a PAC 1000).  They do work will on multi-day trips and the PAC 900 can handle more gear and weight than the PAC 800 -but not as much as the PAC 1000.  It’s also a great choice for bigger anglers or if you float through some water that can get a little exciting -like sections of the Blackfoot we like to float and fish. It also would be an excellent choice if you wanted to put an electric motor on the built-in motor mount and haul a deep cycle battery to power the motor.  The 10-year warranty will transfer to the buyer so there will be 7 years left after this season.  (You won’t need to worry about the warranty now -the boat is in excellent condition with no patches!)  The Outcast PAC series are just as heavy duty as their parent company, AIRE’s rafts -which is why they can confidently offer a 10-year warranty.   We have this raft listed on Craigslist.org so we expect it to sell quickly at this price. Please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call in our Craig store if you are interested in this raft.

We also are selling our Outcast 9′ PAC 900 and our Outcast 10′ PAC 1000 and our Outcast OSG Commander and our Outcast OSG Stealth Pro and our 13′ AIRE Super Puma and our 14′ NRS Otter 140 and our 16′ AIRE Tributary 16HD and our Dilly Boat Trailer for 14′-16′ motor boats, and some of our spare tires for trailers.

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