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Just as I expected…no call. Then the dreadful thoughts hit me… Did he lose his phone in the river? Maybe they sunk the jet boat? He did say they’re bears—maybe one ate him? What about those wolf tracks he saw last year—maybe he decided to join the pack? And of course, the one person I need.. read more →

He made it! I got the call, or should I say message. (The music was too loud I didn’t hear the phone ring.) Before he left he said he would call me every night to let me know he’s OK. We’ll see how long it lasts this time. With no international cell phone plan and.. read more →

He’s already gone and he hasn’t even left yet! He becomes giddier than a school girl as this day draws near. He’s in search of anadromous trout in the WILD. It’s an annual pilgrimage that takes him so far north of Montana he’s only 100 miles off the coast of the Pacific. And, it’s the end of.. read more →

It’s that time of year when we close up the Craig shop and head to Helena for the Winter. We’d like to take this time to say THANK YOU to our customers, our staff, our friends and family, for a blessed 2014 season. Although Fall fishing is still going strong out on the Mighty MO, our.. read more →

  Chris Caputo is a man of many adjectives. As a CrossCurrent’s regular, the shop staff has become well-acquainted with this fun-loving, trout obsessed, all around jovial Californian. During his second extended of 2014, Mateus (the new guy) and Caputo got the chance to hit the water late one evening. Regardless of weather conditions, insect.. read more →

It was a great float on Montana’s Missouri River last weekend for The Todd family. All four Todd’s were able to get some trout in the net, some were even on dries. However, what we learned had nothing to do with how to actually catch trout. Well, maybe it has to do with how to.. read more →

Fishing out on the Missouri continues to be very productive, if you know how to get the moss off you’re fly in a hurry. The mornings are definitely more productive than the evenings with massive Trico spinner falls happening daily around 8:30 or 9:00 am. Last evening CrossCurrents Owner Chris Strainer went out and caught.. read more →

On the Missouri River the most sought after fish is obviously trout. But when living in Craig and fishing nearly every single day a fly fisherman may like to get out of the normal swing of things and try his or her hand at something new. The big black shadows that are found smoothly gliding.. read more →

As fly fisherman we have a few common goals when fishing, and one of these goals is not usually to put dinner on the table. Although, occasionally a walleye finds itself securely attached to the end of ones tippet and it is very difficult to send that tasty morsel back to the depths of the river… read more →

A quick local guy and caddis fly story here.  The other evening I headed upstream to fish between the dam and the bridge for a while.  I hoped to see some rising trout to cast to.  I looked around a while and tried to make a plan.  As it turned out the water was very.. read more →