Finally getting back into the swing of things here in Craig MT; personally and fishing wise. With all the college kiddos’ back on campus the Craig shop called in the Calvary, so for the last few weeks yours truly has been kickin’ it in the town of two bars and too many trout. The primary.. read more →

Cool mornings, mild days and very little crowds so far this weekend here in Craig, my question to all you folks kicking back at home is pretty simple; what in the hell are you thinking? Yea fishing can be challenging this time of year but things are starting to turn around as we hit the.. read more →

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my long time friend, Tom Rosenbauer, for his awesome podcasts he hosts and produces, The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast.  Tom and I “sat down” to talk about fishing the MO and other waters in Montana in the busy and “dog days” of summer… read more →

11 Aug 2015
August 11, 2015


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I have had plenty of wonderful, scary, spectacular adventures in the “great-out-of-doors”. Each has driven me further. Whether in my boots or in a saddle the exhilaration of it all lets me know why OUR GOOD LORD has provided us with our senses and places to use them. Here is another shared with great friends… read more →

Updates from the F.W.P Offices concerning several rivers in Central and Western Montana. Some rivers dropping off the list, several being added. Here’s the most up to date list of rivers under hoot owl from Fish Wildlife & Parks. Rivers listed in BOLD have just been added and the restrictions are in effect starting TODAY,.. read more →

Montana is a place. Wild. Vast. Beautiful. Most importantly it is plum full of trout. Here at the Craig shop most of our off time is spent drinking beer and fishing for the non-natives, browns and rainbows on the MO. Occasionally, the team members will go for back country excursions in search of the native.. read more →

I know this post might be pushing it a bit for some of you out there. Those of you who can’t seem to break the habit of fishing the same run, same river, same flies, same everything. If you’re into spending your summer days fishing with the masses drinking ice-cold beer and telling fish stories.. read more →

It’s only mid July and more rivers are falling victim to the lack of water making its way down from the mountains. In addition to the western district rivers already under Hoot-Owl fishing restrictions the F.W.P has released a list of several Central District rivers going under Hoot-Owl effective today. The list is as follows….. read more →

08 Jul 2015
July 8, 2015


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Perhaps some of you don’t know the origin of  Purple Haze. A few years ago, 1966 to be exact, a young incredibly talented  guitar player known as Jimi Hendrix recorded an album (vinyl of  course) titled “Are You Experienced”. One of many great cuts on that large black disc was “Purple Haze”.   During “those”.. read more →

One of the best things we have in Montana is dry fly fishing. The first signs of our best summer dry fly season kicks off with Salmon Flies, Pteronarcys californica. These big orange fellas are an attraction for any fly angler. We have people who travel from around the world for a shot at fishing size.. read more →