It’s that time of year, runoff has officially(?) begun plaguing many of the rivers all over Montana and loads of out-of-town guides and semi-locals have descended upon Craig for the reliable tailwater fishing. I feel like I’ve made the same statement regarding runoff a few times already this year, but I’m no soothsayer; and.. read more →

01 Jun 2015
June 1, 2015

Monday Morning Ramble

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Welcome to the Monday morning rambling report from CrossCurrents Fly Shop in beautiful central Montana. Every Monday we will be coming to you live with some of the latest and greatest from around our area. Fishing Report:  The MO is fishing quite well for this time of year. Lower than average flows are the ticket to.. read more →

Great weekend to be in Central Mon-freakin-tana! Loads of fun things going down this weekend in the greater Missouri River watershed, beers, bugs and plenty of ways to get into trouble as we herald in the greatest part of the year, that’s right folks Small Stream Opener !  Not to mention Caddis Fest today in Craig. Beer,.. read more →

  Flows Below Holter Dam: 3,840 c.f.s. (Normally 5,669 c.f.s.) Lots of choices on the MO River menu this time of year and with lots of fish  looking to the surface for their sustenance that means lots of opportunity to land some beautiful Montana salmonids. Bugs abound in all sorts of sizes, colors and species. It’s.. read more →

Flow Below Holter Dam: 3,820 c.f.s (Normally 5,430 c.f.s) Spring is in full swing here in central Montana and as a fly fisherman, nothing signals spring more for me than the arrival in mass of Blue Winged Olives. It’s not hard to pick out these long-tailed, tall winged insect fluttering across the sky and floating.. read more →

My four-cylinder stallion had a minor setback this last week so instead of being on the water where I belong, I’ve been spending too much time behind a computer screen searching the vast weird world of the web drooling in jealousy over fishing blogs and films. Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet in the.. read more →

Flows below Holter Dam: 3880 c.f.s It’s definitely spring here in central Montana. Rain, snow, wind, sleet, sunshine, the whole gamut of weather is upon us as we push further into the season. With the weather as unpredictable as it can be this time of year it’s time to be prepared when you hit the water… read more →

  Its taken me a while to put words to how I feel the way I do about fly fishing. I’ve never had a concise answer to any of my friends who don’t fish as to why I invest so much of my time and money to drive shitty dirt roads to rivers, stand there.. read more →

Flows below Holter Dam: 4,030 c.f.s. (Normally 4,820 c.f.s.) Lots of smiling faces and exaggerated fishing stories at Joe’s Craig Bar this weekend. With the warm weather and awesome obscene amounts of wind on the MO this weekend we still saw a lot of folks hitting the water and welcoming the spring by drowning some bugs.. read more →

In 1974, Montana did something that stunned anglers across the state and the nation: it stopped stocking trout in streams and rivers that supported wild trout populations. After decades of use and millions of dollars invested, hatchery production was not helping, and in fact was the leading cause of the collapse of the fishery. read more →