Life on the Missouri River Montana in Craig.

As the last of the run-off is flowing into the Missouri the river may not be fishing as many of us had hoped, but in contradiction many smaller streams in the Craig and Helena areas are beginning to drop in CFS and increase in clarity. This can be exciting for those who have been waiting.. read more →

The cold and high water found here in the Missouri River, now flowing at 8,670 CFS with a temperature of 51 degrees, is allowing the fish to be very active and feisty. When a fish is hooked expect a fun fight starting with a very long and strong run right after the hook set. Here.. read more →

  Grizzly Adams on a visit to Craig, MT read more →

It’s a good time of year to hit the river for some waterfowl and trout. Grab some rods and throw the shotguns in the boat for a good old fashioned Missouri River blast and cast. The river is fishing great and there are plenty of birds hanging around as well. See you out there! read more →

We got the snow, yes.  Guide trips are out today and the sun is shining on our shoulders John Denver.  Fly fishing could be great today! read more →

Earlier this week members of the community gathered to discuss the probability of starting and supporting a new foundation centered around The Missouri River. Nearly 40 people from diverse backgrounds showed in support of a river they love. There were community members, local business owners, fly shop staffers, outfitters, members of TU, lawyers, land owners,.. read more →

Do you have that stamp?  Bag Limit Bill does.  If you fish in the evenings you will see him out and about.  Gun shouldered and two hander swinging his favorite flies.  Cast and Blast time folks.  Wait for that low ceiling day, it gives those feathered creatures more comfort to fly into shooting range.  Be.. read more →

It takes a few days, it won’t feel like Art until day 3 lets say. You need a routine and by day 3 you will establish said routine. It’s the fine details that make up a great fish camp.  It’s that empty bottle of Jameson next to the fire ring that won’t move cause it.. read more →

Some people say that everything is bigger in Texas. They are probably right, especially whey you get a bunch of attorneys from the lone star state hanging around The Scenic Valley Lodge. Last night they were met by local guide Dave Payne and his band Helena Handbasket for some good picking and BBQ. Rumor has.. read more →

  Not everyone is as lucky as I am. After my first LIFE I found a girl that wants to fish. She knows not to go all the time but pushes me into it on other days. She moved to Craig Montana for me this summer, enough said. read more →