Life on the Missouri River Montana in Craig.

  We are pleased to welcome a great group of ladies in Craig this weekend. It isn’t very often that one could say there might be a few more women then men in the area. read more →

It feels like July out on the river, not because of the weather or the shorter days. Mostly it’s just all the traffic on the river. Some of the river closures have been lifted around the state, but people are still flocking to The MO. Maybe it’s just the good fishing… read more →

12 Sep 2013
September 12, 2013

The Jimmy B. Blues

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If you have been to Craig in the last decade then you have probably seen Jimmy B. He has been on the staff at CrossCurrents, fished Trico’s all morning long, chased risers eating Caddis after dark, and once he caught bobberitis when someone snuck a nymph rig into his boat. The inventor of the Jimmy’s.. read more →

11 Sep 2013
September 11, 2013

Steelhead Dreams

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When I first started Steelheading it took a while for my friends and family to understand why I was always fishing, but never catching any fish. It can be hard to justify your fishing to someone who doesn’t fish for these elusive anadromous creatures. In fact, most people think you’re crazy. Things just don’t add.. read more →

  That is right, FINALLY, rafting season is on the downward slide.  It is about time!  Stacking, strapping, launching, cleaning, pumping, dragging, driving and just generally looking at rafts is getting old.   Don’t get me wrong, we love rafts here at the Currentseam.  They can get you into waters that a hard boat can’t… read more →

William Brann, Wild Bill, Bag Limit Bill, One eye’ Bill, Billy Bass, Buffalo Bill, Billy Bear, Bill, Billy, or whatever you want to call him. Just know this guy seeks out the large ones. This fish should be for next weeks Hump Day Trout, but I couldn’t wait to get this slab of a brown.. read more →

Totally random post here but what is a man to do on a hot August day when fishing is a bit slower….Dream of Beer and maybe partake in a few, after work of course.   Here it is then, the top 10 Craig Montana Beers: 1. PBR – The designated beer of trout bums World.. read more →

Check out this unique carp video that won a contest with Orvis. It’s a long hot August in Craig and it can be fun to mix things up a little bit with chasing a few other species that actually enjoy the warm water. Our trout are hating the hot water temps, but the carp sure.. read more →

Winner of the Ugly Fish Photo Contest…..   Amy sent this image in for the contest and thought it was a bad or ugly fish.  We disagreed, its a beautiful brook trout.  So Amy here you go we will get that H2 hat your direction soon.   Thanks for all of the pictures to everyone.. read more →

The crew has downsized again as we head into the fall season. Young Teagan is off to start his college career at that one school down in Bozeman. At least we know he will keep his root beer cold with that nice dorm sized fridge. We will miss having this kid around. In case you just thought.. read more →