Life on the Missouri River Montana in Craig.

William Brann, Wild Bill, Bag Limit Bill, One eye’ Bill, Billy Bass, Buffalo Bill, Billy Bear, Bill, Billy, or whatever you want to call him. Just know this guy seeks out the large ones. This fish should be for next weeks Hump Day Trout, but I couldn’t wait to get this slab of a brown.. read more →

Totally random post here but what is a man to do on a hot August day when fishing is a bit slower….Dream of Beer and maybe partake in a few, after work of course.   Here it is then, the top 10 Craig Montana Beers: 1. PBR – The designated beer of trout bums World.. read more →

Check out this unique carp video that won a contest with Orvis. It’s a long hot August in Craig and it can be fun to mix things up a little bit with chasing a few other species that actually enjoy the warm water. Our trout are hating the hot water temps, but the carp sure.. read more →

Winner of the Ugly Fish Photo Contest…..   Amy sent this image in for the contest and thought it was a bad or ugly fish.  We disagreed, its a beautiful brook trout.  So Amy here you go we will get that H2 hat your direction soon.   Thanks for all of the pictures to everyone.. read more →

The crew has downsized again as we head into the fall season. Young Teagan is off to start his college career at that one school down in Bozeman. At least we know he will keep his root beer cold with that nice dorm sized fridge. We will miss having this kid around. In case you just thought.. read more →

That’s right!  A long lost trout species found earlier this year.  Staff member and contributor to the CurrentSeam blog, Taylor Todd, caught this rare member of the Brown Trout family.  Mr. Todd was embarrassed to reveal the photo to the rest of the staff.   With a short walk to Joe’s Bar Taylor confessed to.. read more →

As we pass our way through the long and hot days of Montana’s summer there are a few times where fishing doesn’t sound like the best way to enjoy your time off. Some of us are getting ready for bow hunting season while others are driving all over the state to find a new car… read more →

13 Aug 2013
August 13, 2013

Last Days

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  There comes a time when goodbyes are bound to happen. This week we will be losing some of our summer help to Montana’s university system. It’s been an awesome few months with these guys and they will be missed. read more →

12 Aug 2013
August 12, 2013

Shuttle Days

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Doing shuttles can be fun. Especially when you get the privilege of driving a bus down the road with some style. Riely drew the long straw on this one and got to take it for a spin. We will see who gets it tomorrow… read more →

Where in the World is Phillip Ley?  See normally if Phillip leaves the Craig, MT post he puts a note up in the shop stating his whereabouts, in the 3rd person.  Phillip was last seen 8/9/2013 in Craig pulling a popup camper behind his sweet Yota rig going towards the highway.  Did he get bitten.. read more →