Life on the Missouri River Montana in Craig.

Vintage Strainer at it’s best!! read more →

It can take a significant amount of time and money for an angler to find his way to the saltwater flats when living in the middle of Rocky Mountain trout country. Usually there is never really a craving to seek other waters with world class dry fly fishing literally right in your backyard. However, when.. read more →

Just outside of Arlee this past weekend. Here is an image of current fires.  If you feel like you’re seeing smoke in the sky your probably right. Remember to be Fire safe while enjoying the Missouri River! read more →

We have been telling everyone on here to get out early so we are finally taking our own advise and opening the shop’s doors at 6 AM now.  Get over to the big Red Barn early for your fishing needs in Craig, MT. read more →

It can be hard for women to find good gear in a sport dominated by the males. We are glad Orvis developed a good quality product to keep women comfortable out on the river. Check out this video from The Orvis Company. If you like what you see, stop by. We have them in stock. read more →

Most of the people that have wet a line on The MO this year are pretty impressed with the average fish size and population numbers the river has to offer. One of the most common questions that we get here in the shop, “Does this river even have any small fish in it? I haven’t.. read more →

While walking in the back door of the shop this morning I did my usual scan of the array of bugs that like to cling on the back porch every day. It’s a good heads up of what’s hatching on the river so I’ve made a habit of taking a minute or two to study.. read more →

The original plan for today was to write about my first trip down The Smith River. I would have gotten off the river last night after a five-day stint working a gear boat for Lewis and Clark Expeditions on an outfitted trip. Unfortunately, camping on that river got closed on the 4th of July due.. read more →

Getting to a different river system is a nice change, but when it is flowing dirty sometime you just want to…oh well it still fished pretty darn good. I had the pleasure of fishing with Wyatt Earp ( the Boston Terrier) during a rain, lightning, thunder and hail storm. read more →

Billy left his Contender at home for an evening of fishing a smaller stream. We never thought it was possible to pry him from that rowers seat, but this nice rainbow made it worth while. No need to worry, Bill and his boat will be back in each others company this evening on The MO. read more →