Life on the Missouri River Montana in Craig.

Sometimes the biggest dilemma we all struggle with is deciding where to spend our time fishing. You have a good day on the water and you feel like you’ve chosen the right place. Get home smelling like a skunk and you immediately head for the computer to watch fishing videos while trying to figure out.. read more →

Busy morning in the big red barn.  Get out here on this Monday if you have it off. read more →

Three dudes and a swamp dog hit a great freestone river yesterday. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. P.S. The MO is fishing NICE today!     read more →

  2013 Caddis Festival was a success! The festivities are over and I feel like the whole town of Craig is in recovery, the rain is washing her clean and boats are headed out. read more →

Craig Montana is alive!! Report: The flows are now about 3,880 cfs (normally ~5210). Water temps at the dam are ~51, a bit warmer down river. Run Off is in the process and on the fall in some places. The Dearborn is dropping and clearing and now open to fishing. The MO below the Dearborn.. read more →

Yep, that’s right it’s a big day here tomorrow for us Craigites. Most of us wait all year long in anticipation for the big day…BBQ’s, a parade, a raffle, and someone will even be crowned festival king and queen! We think Chris has a good shot at the crown, but only time will tell. The.. read more →

It’s been nice enough for an evening fire. Report: The flows are now about 3,970 cfs (normally ~4910). Water temps at the dam are ~50, a bit warmer down river. Run Off has started for real on almost every river but the Little Prickly Pear. The Dearborn is getting muddy(dropping now) but the MO below.. read more →

Shop boys on top of the World. Ironically top of the World in Craig is at a cemetery. read more →

What better way to bring in half a century than a fly fishing trip to the Missouri River. These boys are going to throw the heaviest of bs towards a Mr. Toby Swank in the next few days. read more →

Knights of the Round Table With two stores and limited staff it can be hard to get all the shop folks together in one place at one time. Somebody always has to work, the other guys are out fishing, one guy is on a trip to town to re-supply the fridge, and who knows where.. read more →