One of our most loyal and hard working employees, Detour, has been out on the river the past few days scouting for good fishing. If you haven’t met Detour he can often be found greeting customers on the front porch or chasing his stick around in the yard. Although if you turn your back for a second, he will be at the boat launch…scouting. He told us that the flows this morning at Holter Dam are 3,230 cfs and the temps are 64. The weather is going to be hot. Highs in the low 90’s and cooling off into the 60’s at night. We might see a little break from the sun with a few clouds later this week. Fishing is slowing down and has been pretty hit or miss the past few days.

Most people are finding success early in the day before the water gets heated up and the fish turn off. In the lower river from Mtn. Palace to Cascade the fishing has been really slow. We have had a few people getting skunked down that way. The best fishing is up at the Dam, but that also comes at the price of fishing with just about every other boat in the river. Wolf Creek Bridge to Craig is fishing well until noon. In the evening, the river is worth a try after about 7 p.m. until dark.

Dries: Trico’s in the morning, Caddis in the evening, and terrestrial fishing in between. The hopper fishing is getting started, but smaller ants and beetles are working better. A majority of the fields are getting cut up and down the river so we are anticipating some better hopper action soon. The Caddis fishing is best in the evening, but we are seeing some earlier in the morning as well. Trico’s are doing their thing around 7 to 8 in the morning and then spinner fall is around 10. The fish aren’t doing a good job of keying in on the Trico’s, but if you find a spot where bugs collect you can find a few small pods looking up. Favorite Flies: Cinnamon Ant #16, Morrish Hopper #12, Henry’s Fork Caddis #16 and #18, Angel Wing Spinner #22.

Nymphs: The nymphers are doing well out there in the morning. Even the nymph fishing is slowing down mid day. Shorter and lighter nymph rigs fished in the riffles and flats seem to be the ticket. Using a big foam hopper or Chubby as a indicator and dropping a Caddis Pupa or small PT off the back is an effective and stealthy way to present the nymph in shallow water. Favorite Flies: Love Bug #20, UV2 Mayfly Nymph #18, Bloom’s Weight #16, and Mirage Nymph #18 and #20.

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