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Missouri River Fly Fishing Report:  There are rising trout up and down the river these days but cracking the code to get them to eat on top is not easy.  But that’s the challenge -and fun- of it, right?  If it were easy they would call it trolling.  Tricos are thick in the AM but sometimes the wind kicks in just as the spinners start to fall.  If you’re an early morning person, then get out about 6am for the Trico emergence.  No promise of easier dry fly fishing but you will have some solitude and the wind is usually not a factor.  There’s good stuff for night owls too.  Fish rising to spinners, PMD emergers and Caddis.  Again, not easy to catch but there are lots of targets to cast too.  (Keep your swearing to yourself -there’s lots of families on the river these days.)

Those folks that are not DFO’s and are willing to sink a fly will get into plenty of beefy trout on the MO.  The weeds are getting there but aren’t at the complete annoyance level yet so nymphing is easy -and it’s a lot like fly fishing (#nymphingislikeflyfishing)

Rainbow Trout on Missouri River
Some people have been throwing streamers with success lately.  With the cloudy and rainy weather on tap, we expect this to just improve!  Yeah, for streamers! Olive seems to be the color of choice for streamers on the MO  (I get tires of 5X and 6X sometimes.)
MO River Fly Box Necessities:
Dry Flies:  Hi-Viz CDC Spinner (Rusty, Trico, PMD),  Stocking Wing Caddis,  Dell’s Point Caddis, Tape Wing Caddis, PMD Cripple, Cornfed Caddis
Nymphs:  Green Machine, SuperFlash Pheasant Tail, Lightning Bug (Gold, Silver), Mirage Nymph, MFG, (worms on the rainy days)
Streamers:  Thin Mint, Olive Wine-Tail Bugger, Jointed Urchin, Sparkle Minnow
Smith River:
We had such high hopes for the Smith this season as the snow pack in that drainage was above 100% for much of the Winter and Spring but it just couldn’t hold up under the warm Spring weather.  We will again be optimistic for 2017 – as always.  Keep your chin up and keep trying, the Smith is worth it!  It’s also worth protecting so check out, Smith River Watch, and get informed and get involved.
Other Local Helena Waters:
Water conditions are low, low, low. The Little Blackfoot is currently running at 57 and the Boulder at 44! That doesn’t leave much room for the fish to play. If you are going to give these waters a shot, try to get an early start while the water is cool and be extra gentle with the fish. Also, remember to pay attention to FWP “hoot owl” restrictions and water closures.  The rain this week will help out – so keep praying for precip!
Dry fly action on local waters has been excellent and flies include the usual suspects, such as Stimulators, Elk Hair Caddis and Parachute Adams. When the fish aren’t particular why not throw some of that unusual stuff in your box. You know, that stuff that’s been in there since the beginning of time and may have a little rust on the hook.
If you want to change up your routine don’t forget that within 1-2 hours driving time from Helena we have some amazing waters. Break out the Gazetteer and look for blue wavy lines or blue splotches (remember, lakes need love too), or stop in at our Helena or Craig shop and ask questions. We’re always glad to help.

-Happy Fishing!  (Contributors to this report:  Strainer, Steve, Teagan & Max)

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