Rain, cloud cover, BWO coming off heavy. Well maybe if we are lucky in Craig Montana.

The flows are now about 3,910 cfs (normally ~5250). Water temps at the dam are ~51, a bit warmer down river. Run Off is in the process and on the fall in some places. The Dearborn is dropping and clearing and now open to fishing. The MO below the Dearborn is looking great. With higher water temps we are now seeing a few more bugs species out there, including the much waited upon, Caddis. The fish should look up for several types of dries through out a day. There are still plenty of Midges, BWO’s and March Browns to get fish up top as well and the nymphing is better as well when you see more bugs out. Don’t be afraid to put that size 16 parachute Adams in front of a fish showing his nose.

Please be careful wading as to not step on the rainbow trout redds (spawning beds).

Hauser (or “LOG”) is past the peak but you’ll still find lots of fish up there albeit some tired trout. There are still lots of people fishing it and it will be good for another few weeks. Try a Pink Lightning Bug behind a Firebead Czech. PLEASE be careful not to step on any redds and please don’t be greedy and fish directly over spawning trout. You wouldn’t like it if someone busted into your bedroom at the heat of the moment so let the trout do their thing too!
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Baetis (BWO), Midges, March Browns, Caddis

-#16-#20 Parachute Adams
-#18-#22 CDC Hanging Midge
-#18-#22 Sprout Emergers
-#12-#16 March Browns
-#16-#18 Buzz Ball
-#16-#20 H&L Varient
-#14-#18 CDC Para Caddis

Nymphs & Streamers:
San Juan Worms
-#14-#18 Firebead ____ (something -they all are working)
-#14-#16 Tungsten Weight Flies (Rainbow, Purple)
-#16-#18 Lightning Bugs (Pink, Silver, Gold)
-#18-#22 Mirage Nymphs
-#16-#20 Superflash PT
-#18-#20 Zebra Midges (Black, Red, Purple)
-#18-#20 Love Bugs
-#6-#10 Buggers (Black, Black & Grizzly, Olive)
-#4-#6 Conehead Kiwi Muddler
-#4 Skiddish Smolt
-#2-#6 Fish-Skull MO-Minnow

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