The Missouri River has been producing some nice fish over the past few days. Lots of brown trout in the mix, but it seems the rainbows are starting to come back from “vacation” to please the angling crowd on the river. Still lot’s of fish on redd’s in the main stem so please use caution when wading or dropping boat anchors in gravely spawning areas. Flows at Holter Dam are fluctuating in the mid 8K range. Water temp. is in the mid 40’s as well. Our weather outlook is the typical springtime madness with randomness happening daily. If you are coming for the weekend, bring a rain coat as the weather man is predicting a storm to pass by on Saturday. Who knows? It could be sunny, bring the sunscreen as well.

Lots of thoughts and concerns about The Dearborn and Little Prickly Pear pumping color into our river lately. Yes, they are flowing high and bringing color. No, the fishing hasn’t been shut down by them. In fact some anglers/guides are sticking to the murky water and having some great success.

Dry fly fishing as been on the slow side with very few opportunities during the day. We love our dry fly fishing on The MO. Many are awaiting things to pick up. Not to worry-May brings more BWO’s, March Brown’s, and Caddis.

Nymphing has been producing a good number of fish. Slower softer banks are where most of the action occurs, those deep inside bends in the river. Stay away from the hard banks. That’s not to say there aren’t are some good spots in the fast water, it’s just better on the other side of the river. We have some really sweet nymphing leaders all tied up to make things easier to fish in the higher water. Easily adjustable bobber placement, thinner diameter to get your flies down faster, and it’s all at a reasonably good price. Stop by one of our shops to get your hands on one. Hot flies for the nymphers have been worms, scuds, sow bugs, fire beads, some zebra midges, and PT’s.

Streamer fishing has been picking up every day. We like the big and dark flies as well as the flashy stuff. Try them all and keep changing it up throughout the day until you find one that works.

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