DSC_0422Flows this morning dropped slightly to 4,340 cfs at Holter Dam, water temps there are 62 in the morning. We had a little rain come through yesterday that has kept things a little on the cooler side for our summer season. Traffic on the river is strangely low for this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, its still very busy out there. It’s just not what one would expect for the middle of July. How is the fishing? It’s awesome. Great. Amazing. We have Trico’s in the morning, PMD’s mid day, and Caddis in the evening.

Dry fly fishing is all day long right now. Yesterday with the good cloud cover it was great. It should continue throughout the next few weeks. The challenge is no longer finding rising fish, it’s cracking the code. Most are having success with rusty spinners, smaller Trico patterns, and Caddis. For PMD flies we like the Hi-viz Rusty Spinner in an 18 or 20. For Trico’s we suggest throwing a smaller parachute with your favorite spinner off the back. If you are fishing to rising fish with a Caddis pattern on the end of your line try the Corn Fed Caddis in a 16 or 18.

Nymphing is red hot in the mornings. Lots of fish are chowing away on smaller PT like nymphs in the A.M. Yesterday they were on the worm as well. Caddis pupa, czech nymphs, and midge stuff work too. Our favorite flies right now are The Little Green Machine in 18 and Blooms Weight Fly in 16. The afternnoons can turn slow up a bit for the bobber guys, but there are still some fish to be caught all day long.

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  1. Mark seems to be looking right at the camera saying I shouldn’t have taken that photo of Ed. Love it!


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