Ever wonder why they call it the Bull Pasture?



Recent fishing has been good to great the past few days. Flows at Holter Dam are remaining steady 3030 cfs today.  Water temps are 65 this morning, which is a bit warmer.  The air temperatures are starting to creep up to that 90 number.  We should see late afternoon/evening thunderstorms in the near future.  This is the time in August when we need to slow down, fish the water you have and fish it hard.  The fish are there and if you get there early or are willing to stay late you will get your fish.  It is hoppa time for sure so stop by the big red barn and pick up your favorite hoppa pattern.

The fishing pressure is getting down river of the Dam these days.  Guides and fisherman are starting to take trips down river of Craig and are doing well. Keep that in mind when planning your Missouri River outing.  Just remember its hot out there, get the fish back in the water quick and stay hydrated.

Dries: Hopper fishing is still ok. People who are religiously throwing the hopper are getting about 10 eats during a day. Most of the fish are nice ones though. Trico’s are around in the morning and the spinner fall is producing some dry fly fishing if you can find the right spot. Caddis can save the evening if they don’t get blown off the river. Other terrestrials like ants and beetles might be the hottest dry fly fishing we have. If you can find rising fish try a beetle or ant. Favorite dries: Parachute Cinnamon Ant #14, CDC Stocking Wing Caddis #18, Parachute Adams #20, Yeti Hopper Purple #10.

Nymphs: Nymphing has been working well in the shallow runs and riffles. The best way to get into fish is dropping a small fly off your hopper or small pinch on indicator. Lighter rigs with little split shot is working in grassy flats and along the shallow banks. Favorite nymphs: Love Bug #20, PT #18, Mirage Nymph #20.

Streamers: There is some good streamer fishing to be had if you can find water without floating weeds. It is kind of like the hopper fishing, not big numbers of fish but worth the exciting chases and big eats. The key here is really finding places in the river where the water is faster and doesn’t collect any floating weeds. Favorite streamers: Grizzly Bugger Black #4, Sparkle Minnow JJ #4, Wooly Bugger Olive #10.

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