Flows have been remaining steady above 4K for quite some time, just above our long time average. Our water temps are also looking good in the mid 60’s at Holter Dam. Not to bad for the middle of August. FIshing has been good with Trico’s in the AM and hoppers in the PM. A little precipitation is forecasted in the next few days with some thunderstorms headed our way. Not to worry though, the rainy weather shouldn’t effect the fishing.

Typically our fishing this time of year can start to slow down due to hot weather and water temps, but we are still having some good success. Especially early in the mornings. Not too early though, the Trico spinner fall isn’t until 9ish on most days. Hoppers can be hit or miss on The Missouri. Some days, people come back with good reports of success. Other days they pound the banks all day with very little fish interested.

Nymphing is usually better in the mornings, but a cooler overcast day can extend the fishing later into the afternoon. Could be good with the upcoming storm activity? Maybe?

2 Responses to Missouri River Fishing Report 8/12/14
  1. Is the fall fishing good on the Missouri?

    • The fall fishing is fantastic on The Missouri! September can be great, October is really good for our fall hatch of BWO’s, October Caddis, and Streamers. The MO will fish well into the winter months as well. Stay tuned to our fishing reports and keep updated as the fishing changes into our fall season.


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