The flow this morning is at a steady 3,030 cfs. Water temps are holding around 64 degrees in the morning up at the dam. Weather is going to heat up over the next few days. We will see some highs in the 90’s. Not a good thing, but its August. We can expect this sort of thing to happen.

Fishing has been a little tough as well, but once again it’s August. Don’t get discouraged, everyone is having the same tough time out there. On average this is one of the toughest times to fish in the entire state of Montana. We should consider ourselves lucky to be fishing a tailwater.

Dry fly fishing has been pretty good in the mornings still. The Trico’s have had some fish looking up in those spots where the spinners collect. Try a smaller spinner in size 24 with a bigger Parachute Adams #20 or CDC Winged Trico #22. The bigger fly will help you pick up the small spinner that is near impossible to see in the water. Remember to set the hook if you see a fish eat where you might think the spinner is floating.

Caddis are there for you in the evenings and terrestrials throughout the day. Hoppers are hit or miss. We found our first hopper in the lawn at the shop for the year. Maybe it’s a sign there is some better hopper fishing to come. Ants and Beetles are the way to go. A size 16 Cinnamon Ant is king.

Nymphing is catching the most fish. Smaller nymphs in size 18 and 20 are working best. Love Bugs, Mirage Nymphs, and Zebra Midges are the hot flies. Working the water throughly where you find fish is going to get you the most hook ups. Where there is one, there is probably some more. If you find that one fish then row back up and try that run again.

Don’t get discouraged out there. You can still have a great day and catch some nice fish. Enjoy your time on the water.

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