Getting ready for the weekend? Trying to decide what to do? Thinking fishing might be in the cards? Here is your Missouri River fly fishing report to help make that decision easier.

Flows at Holter Dam have remained around 3080 cfs this morning. We might get a thunderstorm or two throughout the day. There is that stormy feeling in the air. Overall, The weather has been hot and will remain that way for the next few days. Not a bad time to come out and enjoy the end of summer if you like the hotter weather.

The fishing has been really good up at the dam. Especially in the mornings. The Trico fishing is the best up above the Wolf Creek Bridge. Spinner fall is about 9:00 a.m. Nymphing is also a great way to get into a good amount of fish in the dam section. The only downside to fishing up there is the people. There is quite a bit of traffic throughout the day.

The rest of the river is offering good fishing if you like to throw the hopper. Everyday there is always a few folks floating down to Cascade in search of big browns that want to eat hoppers. We are finally seeing some of these big bugs in the grass around Craig. A good sign as we head into September. Fishing the river around Craig is a great way to find some fish as well. Yesterday afternoon there were a handful of rising fish between Wolf Creek Bridge and Spite Hill.

Overall thoughts on fishing The Mighty MO this weekend…it’s good but not great. Well worth the time if you want to get into some quality fish.

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