15 Sep 2013
September 15, 2013

MO Fishing Report 9/15/13

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Cooler weather is on the way! A high of 60 degrees is expected for Wednesday bringing some precipitation and cloud cover with it. Fishing has been pretty good on the MO these days. Most of the action has ben sub-surface, small nymphs and the good ole’ san juan worm have been bringing up the most fish. #18 to #20 Spring Creek Pheasant Tail, Hare’s ear, the Mirage, Green Machine, Bird of Prey, Zebra Midge, the trusty #14 San Juan Worm and the #16 Caddis Pupa are all great options for hooking up under an indicator or hopper. If you drop one of those suckas under a hopper make sure it’s hanging down at least 2 feet and you should be fine.

Tricos are still hanging out by the dam so get after them early with a spinner or cluster fly. We are still waiting for the October caddis to show up but there have been rumors of sightings around town, so it should be any day now. Again, hoppers and ants are your best bet for on-top of the water action during the middle of the day. As night approaches we’ve been swinging both buggers and emergers. Streamer fishing has been producing as well, put something with a little flash in front of their face and then just hang on to that rod.

Get er’ done!

-Bill and Ed

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