Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey 11′ 2wt



Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Rod 2110-4
Offered in:  Rod Only,  Outfit #1 (Trout Spey)
Purchased in Montana so NO SALES TAX


Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Rod 2110-4
11′ 2-weight Trout Spey Fly Rod
Offered in:  Rod Only,  Outfit #1 (Trout Spey)

  • 11′ 2-weight Spey Rod
  • 3.5oz., 4-piece fly rod
  • The lightest rod in its class
  • Super-tuned, smooth, Moderate-Fast Action (A moderate-fast action is a great mix of versatility and performance, providing a deeper flex into the blank then a fast action rod. This action allows the angler to comfortably switch their fishing technique depending on the fishing situation for instance, nymphing to dry flies. Performance wise these rods will still punch tight loops in the wind, while offering a level of flex to protect you from breaking off that fish.  Benefits: This action will suit most anglers looking for the performance benefits of a faster action, while still wanting the versatility and feel of a deeper flexing rod.)
  • Single-foot guides for increased tip recovery
  • Skeletonized, CNC machined, anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Pinpoint accuracy delivered through improved rod tracking
  • Matte finish blank for flash reduction
  • Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking
  • Premium Grade cork handles
  • Fully protected cordura rod tube with dividers
  • Trout Spey models feature Scandi and Skagit grain ratings on rod blanks
  • Recommended Scandi Lines: 175-200 grains;  Recommended Skagit Lines: 200-225 grains
  • Trout Spey models feature downlocking skeletonized reel seats for superior in-hand balance
  • Trout Spey models feature Zirconia stripping guide inserts to reduce guide/line freeze
  • Redington’s Lifetime Rod Warranty.

The Redington Hydrogen rod family is designed especially for the trout angler. A fine-tuned, medium-fast action is combined with the lightest weight components available to give anglers incredible performance with a light in-hand feel. Skeletonized reel seats and single-foot guides help reduce weight, while the rod actions and models will match any trout fishing scenario.

The 2110 HYDROGEN Trout Spey brings the joy of two-handed casting to trout specific scenarios. This rod handles most swingable flies, moderate wind, and medium-sized waterways.  Super sweet at swinging soft hackle flies to smutting trout.  Recommended Scandi Lines: 175-200 grains; Recommended Skagit Lines: 200-225 grains.

OUTFIT #1:  Rod Outfit with RIO TROUT SPEY LINE includes:  (This is an exclusive, CrossCurrents Fly Shop package and it’s based on our recommended reel and line set up that match perfectly with this rod based on experience and customer feed back.  Excellent choice if you like to to a little bit of everything with a Trout Spey Rod- dries, nymphing, soft hackles, and stramers.)

  • 3113-4 Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Rod
  • Redington I.D. Large Arbor Reel
  • RIO InTouch TROUT SPEY Fly Line (230 grain, 23′ Head, Integrated Fly Line)
  • 2, 10′ RIO Spey Versileaders (3ips, 5ips )
  • 175 yards of 20lb Dacron Backing
  • Rod tube w/ built-in divider sections
  • NOTE:  Reel will be spooled up Left-Hand Retrieve unless you specify right-hand retrieve)
  • Regular Price:  $595  –  Special CCFS Outfit Price:  $440

Shop Staff Notes:  The Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Rods are a delight to cast and fish. They are very light in the hand and are smooth and easy cast. The 11′ 2-weight is a great rod for the Missouri below Holter. Lighter than the 3 or 4-weights, this 2 wt is an excellent choice for smaller streamers and soft hackles.  It makes that 14″ fish feel like a monster -and when you do hook a monster, the excellent tippet protection will allow you to land that big critter.  These Hydrogen Trout Spey’s are not “starter” rods in terms of quality but they are priced right to be in the reach of many folks looking for great quality that’s not a budget buster.  You won’t go wrong if you pick one of our custom matched rod Outfits. We put them together based on our experience and feedback from our Staff, Guides and Customers.

Outfit #1 includes the new RIO InTouch TROUT SPEY Fly Line and 2, 10′ RIO Spey Versileaders.  This line is easy to cast and is an integrated fly line -meaning there are no loop-to-loop connections so it slides through he guides easily.  This line has plenty of power to make it super easy to cast. It’s a good choice for all around trout fishing -fishing dries on the surface, nymphing with indicators, stripping streamers or swinging streamers or soft hackles.

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Purchased in Montana so NO SALES TAX

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