Orvis Hydros 3D Switch Fly Line WF-5-F


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Orvis Hydros 3D Switch Fly Line WF-5-F
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Orvis Hydros 3D Switch Fly Line WF-5-F
Item #: 6T81-14-05

Color:  Light Yellow/Salmon (head/running line)  (Distinctive color change right where you need it, demarcating the loading zone for quick, easy spey casting.)

Brand new fly line in the box. (In Orvis’ award-winning recycled and recyclable cardboard spool.)

This line is the predecessor to the Hydros HD. The main difference is this line has the same texturing across the entire line where the newer, HD version has the more aggressive texture on the terminal 10′ for enhanced flammability.  This version is still most excellent.

Ideal for switch rods, the Orvis Hydros 3D switch fly line features textured line technology for the ultimate in line speed, shootability and floatation. Comfortable to cast overhand, single or double hand, and to execute a variety of spey casts. Crafted around an exclusive Orvis taper, it features a 34-foot head with a moderate length front taper and compact back taper. Color change along the entire back taper aids the caster in determining the ‘sweet spot’ for a particular setup. To help maximize performance, combine this line with a 10′ Spey Versileader. 3D texturing provides increased surface area, allowing the line to sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, less water spray, and easier pick-ups. The micro-textured surface traps air to provide increases in both shootability and flotation while decreasing friction, and the microreplicated pattern increases line durability.

Shop Staff Notes:  This 5-Weight Switch Line is perfect for 4 or 5 weight Switch Rods (like H2 1105-4) or use on a 3, 4 or 5 weight Spey Rod. (Like the Clearwater 12′ 5-weight)  This is a great line for dead drifting or skating dry flies for trout. It will also swing flies deep when you match it with a Spey Versileader.  This is a very nice line to cast and fish and we just need to move out this older version so we have more room for the new stuff.  (Although, this packaging is pretty nice as it’s completely plastic free and made from pressed recycled paper.)

Purchased in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX

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