Flows this morning are remaining steady in the low to mid 4K range. Good for wading and floating alike. Water temps are 64 degrees at Holter Dam in the mornings and peaking up a few degrees in the afternoons. Not bad for early August. Traffic on the river has been a little less than average making for a more secluded experience out on the river.

Dry fly fishing has been pretty darn good in the mornings with Trico’s hatching daily. A good spinner fall will make thousands of fish rise for a few hours later in the morning. Our terrestrial fishing is staring to pick up in the afternoons with some fish keying in on hopper patterns. The combination of good Trico fishing in the morning and decent hopper action in the afternoon is making it possible to keep a dry on all day long. Something we really like on The Missouri. If you are headed out in the evenings there are some good Caddis to be found in the upper river above Craig.

Nymphing can also put a decent amount of fish in the boat. Lots of people headed to the dam and nymphing in the mornings. Smaller flies are working well. Size 20’s. They will eat bigger stuff too, but mostly the little bugs. Lighter nymph rigs are working the best as well as short leashing and fishing shallow water.


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