The flows on The Smith continue to drop at a steady pace making for improving fishing conditions. Below Eagle Creek the flows are at 561 cfs with a water temp of 58. In the lower river at Eden Bridge the flows are at 889 cfs. The river is looking great for floating.

Those with a permit for the next few days are probably hoping for the sunny weather to hold out. If your permit is later in the month or early July cross those fingers for some rain. The snow pack is mostly gone, so we will be relying on the rain to keep from dragging boats down the river. If your looking at the forecast, take the weather in Helena and Great Falls divided by two, multiply that by 1.8 and square it . Smith Weather={((GF+H)/2)x1.8}^2

Great Falls Weather-

Helena Weather-

The water is still keeping some color so fishing will be most effective using a nymph or streamer. The best way to get into some fish is to hold up on an inside bend and do a little wading with a weighted nymph and indicator rig. The San Juan Worm has been picking up the most fish, red is always the best. Pat’s Rubber Legs, Bitch Creeks, Hare’s Ears, and PT’s are all a good choice as well. Streamers are good for tossing around while floating down to the next wading spot. A Wooly Bugger with rubber legs has been the top streamer.

Don’t forget the dry fly. Although it wont get the most fish, it’s hard  to pass up fishing with the larger attractor patterns that work on The Smith. As you can see in the photo the big bugs are tailing off, but there are still a few around. There will be a good hatch of PMX’s, Royal Wulfs, and Parachute Adams coming off in the next few weeks. Those would be good flies to have in your box.

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