The Missouri River is fishing swell these days.  PMDs, PMDs, PMDs and oh Caddis.  We might of even seen a few of those pesky flies called Tricos down river a ways?  Seems a bit early but hey the water temps are getting up there and the water is staying low so not a huge surprise. If.. read more →

As of this morning the flows at Holter Dam are at 3,180 cfs and the temps are 59. The weather is trending warmer as we head into the middle of the week. Skies will be partly cloudy with the possibility of a rain shower this evening. Its warm enough to sport the shorts and sandals.. read more →

  Yep, the PMD hatch is here on the Missouri River in numbers. Don’t forget to have all stages of the hatch in your fly box. Stop by the big Red Barn and we can help you with your PMD needs. read more →