He’s already gone and he hasn’t even left yet! He becomes giddier than a school girl as this day draws near. He’s in search of anadromous trout in the WILD. It’s an annual pilgrimage that takes him so far north of Montana he’s only 100 miles off the coast of the Pacific. And, it’s the end of.. read more →

Yes, you have become a Trout Bum. CrossCurrents’ lead shop staffer, Taylor Todd, has written an eloquent piece for the Montana Fly Fishing Magazine (page 75): The Becoming of a Trout Bum. Thank you, Taylor. Taylor has been a tremendous blessing to CrossCurrents Fly Shop. We look forward to Taylor’s return this season, and many more. Although.. read more →

When it’s 27 BELOW Zero outside -with no chance of fly fishing unless you jump on an airplane and head to lower latitudes -it’s fun to read about the life I live. As I was reading this, I was recalling how it fit perfectly with so many of my customers and I could actually see.. read more →

12 Sep 2013
September 12, 2013

The Jimmy B. Blues

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If you have been to Craig in the last decade then you have probably seen Jimmy B. He has been on the staff at CrossCurrents, fished Trico’s all morning long, chased risers eating Caddis after dark, and once he caught bobberitis when someone snuck a nymph rig into his boat. The inventor of the Jimmy’s.. read more →

Totally random post here but what is a man to do on a hot August day when fishing is a bit slower….Dream of Beer and maybe partake in a few, after work of course.   Here it is then, the top 10 Craig Montana Beers: 1. PBR – The designated beer of trout bums World.. read more →