Caputo is a man of many expressions

Caputo is a man of many expressions


Chris Caputo is a man of many adjectives. As a CrossCurrent’s regular, the shop staff has become well-acquainted with this fun-loving, trout obsessed, all around jovial Californian. During his second extended of 2014, Mateus (the new guy) and Caputo got the chance to hit the water late one evening. Regardless of weather conditions, insect activity, or water flows, Caputo leans towards chucking his go-to size 8 purple chubby. On this calm Missouri River evening, with Mateus sneaking ever so stealthy down the river, Caputo tricked this slab into his clutches, most likely looking for one of those October Caddis.

Nonetheless, we here at CCFS always look forward to this man of mystery coming into town, and if you’re lucky, you might just find yourself out on the water, hunting with the purple chubby

Heres to you Caputo!


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