Good Morning GentleFisherman/woman. I hope everyone’s enjoying their October angling adventures on these fine fall days. It’s gonna be another great one out there for you today. The forecast shows for a high of 61 and no precipitation, with varying wind of course, but who’s not used to that already.

The old Holter Dam flow is at 2900 cfs compared to a median 4100 cfs. Fishing has been good to great to excellent for the past couple weeks and only getting better. Yesterday I went out and threw an old classic October Caddis and picked up some nice fish, I’ll tell ya, out with the hopper in with the caddis. We did some serious nymphing as well, which always produces fish, the fly of the day was a Firebead Sowbug and surprisingly the Prince Nymph picked up a couple fatties as well.

Streamer Fishing! Most of my fishing for the past three weeks has involved a 6 wt. rod and a sink tip. Lately I prefer the RIO 6 ft. 5.6 ips Spey Versileader Sink tip. But different water/flies call for different measures. My Fly of the week is….. and I think my Best Friend Bill would agree……. two of them actually……. the first one …… a no brainer, the MFC Coffey Sparkle Minnow……. the second one …… a custom CrossCurrents tied specialty…… I call it the hulk, but it’s formerly known as the Grizzly Bugger, and I prefer the Olive body and Black tail #6ers.

Get er’ done!

-This Blogpost was brought to you by Bill and Ed’s Big Adventures

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