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CrossCurrents rents top-of-the-line AIRE and NRS self-bailing rafts (13′, 14′, 15′ or 16′).  All our rafts are equipped with Sawyer Oars or Cataract Oars (counterbalanced when appropriate and Oar Rights are available) for the best rowing experience possible.  CrossCurrents also rents lots of EQUIPMENT for the Smith River.  See our Rental- Equipment page for details.   (We have lots of great info on the Smith River if you’re doing it yourself here: Smith River DIY Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3.)

  1. 2017 Rates

    • $110/Day (You Haul)  -Raft (& Trailer if using on the Missouri).  Customer hauls the boat with their own vehicle.
    • $155/Day (Shop Haul) -CrossCurrents launches and picks up the boat(s) on the Missouri River Only.
    • SMITH RIVER RAFT PACKAGE SPECIAL:  $95/Day on the Smith + $50 to pick up the raft the day before you launch + $25/Day for Raft Trailer (if needed).  See below for details on this excellent package deal for the best trip possible!  Smith River Raft Renters are required to pay a $300/raft deposit.  This amount will be refunded upon safe return of raft and accessories.
    • $25/Day for Raft Trailer for rivers other than the Missouri.
    • Call 406-235-3433 (Craig) or 406-449-2292 (Helena) to Reserve Today!
    • We offer 50% off any Missouri River shuttle with our boat rentals.  (1 vehicle per group at the 50% off.)
  2. What’s Included
    • New or like-new Self-Bailing Raft (AIRE or NRS)
    • Custom NRS Adjustable Frame (or no frame for paddle raft option)
    • Anchor & Rope (when used with the NRS frame anchor system)
    • PFDs (up to 5 per raft are included -more than that, we rent them for $3/day)
    • 3, Very Good Sawyer or Cataract Oars (or paddles)
    • Very Thorough Repair Kit
    • K-Pump Hand Pump



    1. Top-of-the-line Self Bailing Raft (Our rafts are almost always less than a year old  as we sell our rental fleet every Summer/Fall and get new ones each Spring. Let us know if you are interested in one of our rental fleet rafts!)
    2. Custom, NRS Frame configured to your needs
    3. Aluminum Dry Box w/ 2″ Thick Closed Cell Foam Padded Seat for Rower (offering lots of secure, dry storage) –NEW for 2017!!
    4. Three, matching Sawyer Oars [or Cataract Oars] (2 to row, 1 spare) (counterbalanced when appropriate and optional Oar Rights available)
    5. Anchor and Rope
    6. Very Complete Repair Kit with tools
    7. Heavy-Duty Hand Pump (K-Pump) [and an electric pump if you have to take the raft to Camp Baker deflated]
    8. PFDs (“life jackets”) up to 5 per boat
    9. Bowline Bag with 75′ of Rope and Carabiner (for tying off boat at the camps -can also be used as a rescue throw rope)
    10. Enough NRS Heavy-Duty Cam Straps to secure the frame and spare oar to the raft and to secure the raft/frame/oars to the trailer or your vehicle. (Those straps can then be used to secure your gear in the boat when loaded for the river.)
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CrossCurrents Fly Shop rents quality drift boats- Hyde (15′ Montana Skiff, 15′ Lo-Pro), ClackaCraft (16′ Low Pro) and RO (16′ Deville). All our boats are equipped with Sawyer Oars (counterbalanced when appropriate) for the best rowing experience possible.   [CrossCurrents also rents RAFTS and lots of EQUIPMENT for the Smith River.  See our Rental- Equipment page for details.]
  1. 2017 Rates
    • $100/Day (You Haul)  -Customer, hooks up & hauls on their own.
    • $140/Day (We Haul)  -CrossCurrents launches and picks up the boat b/w Dam and Prewett Creek.
    • Call 406-235-3433 (Craig) or 406-449-2292 (Helena) to Reserve Today!
    •  We offer 50% off any Missouri River shuttle with our boat rentals.  (1 vehicle per group at the 50% off price.)
  2. What’s Included?
    • Boat & Trailer
    • Anchor & Rope
    • Sawyer Wood Oars
    • PFDs (up to 4)
    • Landing Net
    • 50% Discount on any shuttle for the customer’s vehicle
    • “We Haul” – CrossCurrents launches and picks-up boat between the Dam and Prewett Creek (or $20 extra for Pelican, $30 extra for Cascade). We also offer a 50% discount on 1 shuttle of the customer’s vehicle.
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CrossCurrents rents Single-Person Kick Boats by Outcast, Inflatable Kayaks (IK) by NRS and AIRE, and Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP)) by NRS.

  1. 2017 Rates

    • Kick Boats (OSG Stealth Pro, OSG Commander) – $50/Day
    • Inflatable Kayaks -NRS or AIRE 1 or 2 person IKs – $50/Day
    • Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) – NRS – $50/Day
    • Call 406-235-3433 (Craig) or 406-449-2292 (Helena) to Reserve Today!
    • We offer 50% off any Missouri River shuttle with our boat rentals.  (1 vehicle per group at discount.)
  2. What’s Included
    • Oars/Paddles
    • Fins (with Kick Boats -optional)
    • PFD
    • Pump
    • Straps to secure boat to customer’s vehicle or trailer
    • Shuttle fees apply for the Shop to launch and pick-up.
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