Shuttle Service

  1. Missouri River SHUTTLES-(Holter Dam-Cascade)
  2. If you’re floating the river, the most convenient service you can get is a vehicle shuttle.  Let us know where you’re putting in and where you’re taking out and we will arrange for your vehicle to be moved to the take-out while you are floating on the river. No advanced reservation is needed, just call (406-235-3433) or stop by our shop in Craig to arrange your shuttle with CrossCurrents Fly Shop.  Missouri River Shuttle prices run between $25 to $50 for the most common floats.  (Here’s a shuttling tip – it’s always good to leave the Shuttle Drivers a little cash tip. They work hard even on the weekends and holidays so you can go and play -so please be kind and show them some gratitude with some gratuity!  Thanks!)

    We also run shuttles for the Dearborn River during it’s brief but wonderful float season. You’ll save a LOT of time by purchasing a shuttle and you’ll actually save money in fuel over driving two vehicles to the river.  Shuttles on the Dearborn are much more time consuming and labor intensive and are therefore more costly and run between $95 to $195 depending on what stretch.  We do highly recommend that you call at least 36 hours before you launch.  On a busy weekend, it’s best to call 48 hours or more before you float as we often max out on our shuttle capacity by Thursday afternoon.

    Limitation of Liability:
    Insurance follows the vehicle not the driver.  When you have a shuttle service move your vehicle and trailer, your insurance company is the primary carrier.  It is agreed by the Customer and CrossCurrents, Inc. dba CrossCurrents Fly Shop that any and all damage resulting from the vehicle shuttle requested will be paid for by the owner of the vehicle being shuttled or by the motor vehicle insurance policy of the vehicle owner.  If the vehicle is damaged during the shuttle and the shuttle driver is at fault, then CrossCurrents, Inc. will reimburse the Customer or vehicle owner up to $250 in payment toward their insurance deductible.  CrossCurrents, Inc. accepts no other liability for damages resulting from the shuttle.  By signing up for a shuttle, you are granting permissive use of your vehicle. This agreement will remain in effect from the day of the shuttle and forward into the future.