The Fish Inn Motel

The two Motel Rooms that make up The Fish Inn Motel – The Rainbow Trout Room and The Brown Trout Room, are attached to the East side of our 2-story building in Craig that was built in 2006.  The West half of the building contains our Fly Shop! Each room has two, comfortable, Twin extra-long single beds, a private bath with a 4’ wide shower and shower heads at 6’4” for taller folks, satellite TV and wireless internet. There are mini refrigerators and microwaves in each room and free, gourmet coffee each morning in the shop. We used special “quiet construction” techniques utilizing double insulated walls, double pane windows and central heat and air conditioning, so the rooms will be comfortable in any weather.
This is a popular place to stay, so please try to book as early as possible, especially for July and October.  These rooms are available all year long, so check out our off-season special pricing for your late Fall or Winter visit to the Missouri River in Craig.

2013 Rates for 1 or 2 People April 1-Oct 31

  • $120 for One Night, plus 7% MT Bed Tax
  • $110/nt for 2-4 nights, plus 7% MT Bed Tax
  • $95/nt for 5+ nights, plus 7% MT Bed Tax

2013 Rates

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