Jim Stein – Helena Shop

Jim Stein is Lead Instructor of our Three Day Fly-Fishing Schools & Fly Tying Classes and has been with CrossCurrents Fly Shop since 2004. Jim was instrumental in helping establish the first Orvis Fly Fishing Schools west of the Mississippi. Jim taught and guided in Evergreen, Colorado, for over a dozen years and now offers his expertise and enthusiasm to the Helena community.

In addition to his passion for teaching people about fly fishing and tying, Jim loves packing and working with his ranch horses. Finding Jim in spurs, hats, and chaps is pretty close to the top of his list. Working cattle on local ranches provides him with an incredible amount of scouting opportunities for remote fishing and big game hunting adventures.

If you want to get started right in fly fishing or fly tying, or just want to greatly improve your skills and knowledge in this lifetime pursuit, you would do yourself right by taking one of Jim’s schools!