31 Mar 2017
March 31, 2017

Alexia’s Pick

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The nymph rig we have here at CrossCurents, saves time and money. With a quick loop to loop connection to your fly line, some tippet and your flies, you’re set up for success on not only the Missouri River, but any river you nymph. A sturdy perfection loop knot, followed by nail knot, indicator, nail knot makes adjusting for depth a snap, then  finished off with a clinch knot to swivel, this rig is now ready for your added tippet. This truly is one of the best nymph rig set ups you’ll ever find. Since using this set up, I won’t use anything else. A helpful diagram on how to set it up and a sticker are in the package as well, which is always a plus! Because of its sturdiness, you’re set up to crush it on the river every time! Alexia Paige, CrossCurrents Fly Shop Staff Member.


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