Why you should consider getting a boat bag, even if you don’t have a boat. If you think of a boat bag as more of a gear bag, this might just make sense. I describe my boat bag as more of a portable fly shop. Even if I am just going to some small stream to wade fish, you can bet that my boat bag is loaded in the truck. I have my sling pack loaded and ready to go as well, but I only like to carry a limited amount of supplies in my sling to keep weight and bulk down, so having my boat bag in the truck allows me to grab some extra tippet if need be, or maybe a few more flies that I think are going to be the ticket that day. With everything from buffs, extra sunglasses, nippers, forceps, fly boxesflies, floatant, split shot, leader, tippet, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, and whatever else you may find in my boat bag, I’m pretty well prepared for just about anything the river may throw at me. Merritt Supply is an ideal spot to purchase everything you need for your voyage or trip.

If you think this is something that interests you, be sure to stop in the shop and chat with Ben or Chris about how they use their boat bag for other applications! Odds are, we will even show you how we organize ours!

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