The first week of June is behind us and the MO is doing it’s thing! Cloudy weather and warmer temperatures moving in later in the week could make for some excellent opportunities to catch a hatch. 

Nymphing: The nymphing has been good recently! Fish are starting to key in on PMDs, Baetis to a lesser extent, and Caddis is on the upswing as we move towards the heart of summer. Big bug, small bug is still a solid option for your rig, but two size 18s with a little bit of weight has been really versatile for the faster, heavy water and the drop offs near the bank. The ammo necessary for a solid day of nymphing ranges from Radiation Baetis, Perdigon, and Two Bit Hooker, to nose picker PMD, Green Machine, Psycho May, Frenchie, and Split Case PMD. Look for what bugs are hatching on the water around you and adjust your strategy for what you see.

Streamers: Streamer fishing has taken off in the past week with the crummy weather and the overcast skies. Rio Tractor, Thin Mint, Kreelex, Sparkle Minnow, Polar Minnow, and good old fashion Olive and grizzly have had some significant and exciting chases happening. Throw close to the banks and behind rocks to find the big fish waiting for an ambush or in faster water with less depth. There is no second guessing if a fish is interested in your streamer!

Dry Flies: For the DFO crowd, it’s kind of a tough week. Hatches are happening occasionally during the day, but the length and quality of them is subject to a range of factors that just haven’t quite lined up to produce that awesome dry fly day yet. Don’t be surprised to see hatches of PMD, Baetis, BWO, and perhaps Caddis depending on where you are on the river and the temps and wind conditions around you! For those willing to wait out the day, the evening has been a much better opportunity to see fish rising to bugs. Don’t leave home without your Film Critic, Purple haze, Para Wulff, or sparkle stacker!

Shop Notes: We are NOT running Dearborn shuttles this week. (Sorry for the inconvenience) We open at 7 am daily, and the coffee and fishing tips are hot and free as always. Come on by our store in Craig and we’d be happy to help you get outfitted for your next fishing adventure! Tight Lines!

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