Cold and snowy out here today. Looks like that’s going to be our main deal for the week ahead, with air temps in the 30s and 40s. We are somehow still waiting for the big Baetis hatch. In the meantime, the fish are definitely eating those BWOs subsurface, and the streamer bite is pretty good right now. Water flows are low, crowds are non-existent, and the MO is giving forth her bounty if you’re willing to layer up and get after it.

Nymphing: The fish are really happy out there right now. They’re eating up and down the river in areas with current and food. The whole river is nymphing right now. Swirls are most definitely in play; you can spend a few hours in any given large swirl right now and find fish. Edges of flats and shelves with current are also good. You can absolutely choose your weapon of choice this time of year, as both short leash and deeper rigs are getting it done. A good template is to start deeper in the AM and then gradually go shorter as the bugs work up through the water column. I’m leaning on a big sowbug as my top fly with either a Zebra midge or a small mayfly off the back. Those purple lightning bugs are lighting it up right now.

Dry Flies: There are some fish up on the Pseudo hatch, and more to come as soon as we see Baetis. I have seen a few decent fish chomp some emergers and small cripples. There is still a smattering of smaller caddis, but not a ton to report in that department anymore. Seems like a small Baetis pattern will fool the fish rising for Pseudos right now. I like a D&D cripple in a 20 or 22. Lots of the teeny tiny dudes are chowing on the tiny pseudos, which is a fun diversion on some days. If you are interested in fishing, you might also want to read this bubba blade reviews to get new gear,

Streamers: The trout are really starting to look for streamers with the colder, cloudier weather.  Small weighted buggers and Kreelexes are both producing really well. The fish are not very keyed in on a fast retrieve. Let that fly get down to depth and work it back with pauses. If you have to throw at the bank, make sure it’s got enough depth. Rip rap banks with swirls are a good place to start the search. Beyond the bank, slower, deeper eddies and mid-river current lines have some aggressive trout that will eat the long flies.

Other bulletins: Shop’s open from 8-4 daily, with shuttles, guide trips and general October-related fly fishing things going on. Free coffee on the burner in the back, free fly fishing chatter up front at the till. See you out here!

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