The leaves are appearing and so are the bugs. The MO is quickly heading for prime time fishing! With water temps starting to increase and the sun lasting longer every day, the time to chase trout is now!

Nymphing: The nymphing has taken a turn this week! Slower fishing in the mornings with cooler temps but can take off quickly as the day heats up. Short leashing across the flats or evident drop offs with 3-5 feet of depth has been good; or get bold and throw a dry-dropper when you start to see a hatch in the afternoons! Psycho May, JuJu and Darth Baetis, green machine, hares ear and Spanish Bullets are all on the menu! The buggier the better!

Streamers: Streamer action is still consistently pulling in the fish on the overcast days, but the bright sunshine definitely has an effect on the willingness of a trout to chase. Silver Kreelex, Lil Kim, Polar minnow, Thin Mint, and Sparkle Yummy are all good choices! Throw across faster, skinny water and behind the rocks. You never know when a hungry monster will make an appearance!

Dry Flies: If you have the patience to wait until the day warms up, the dry flies have been better in the afternoons and evenings with more fish starting to key in on the Spinner falls as they happen. Purple Craze, Film Critic, 401k Baetis, sparkle stacker, and para wulfs are some of the main attractions along with the early season caddis that are starting to appear. Try a Goddards or elk hair caddis with as a dry-dropper or double dry if you see a pod of risers! Double your chances where you can!

River conditions: The MO is flowing at 3100, so she is SLOW! Bring your patience with you as the river traffic starts to increase heading into the warmer weeks. The fishing is great and the scenery is tremendous, take 10 and let some of the other boats pass you by if you start to feel crowded and 

Bulletins: We are open from 7am-6pm everyday of the week. Start your day with our always free coffee, book one of our available guides, get your fishing licenses, and stock up on all the gear to supply your next fly fishing adventure right here at the store in Craig. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see you in the shop or on the water! Tight Lines!

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