“The fish are already wet. Why would they care about the rain?”

Weekend Preview Fishing Report for 6.2.23 –  6.4.23
And we’re back! First post of 2023 and the second day of June seems like no better day to put something up on the internets. This weekend on the Missouri River is lookin’ fishy! We’ve already got some rain going as I write this. We will see more of it on Saturday and then get a break on Sunday. Fish love the rain. I’ve found that if you go out on a bright sunny perfect weather day then you’re not really earning it. The payout isn’t as good as when you’re fighting the elements. (i.e. wind, rain or snow) Plus on Saturday, the rain will keep the recreationists away from the river and it’ll just be fishermen. For this weekend, we’re fighting the rain and high water but have no fear, your Weekend Fishing Report is here!
Current Flows: 7290
Weather Forecast: Saturday — Rain, Temps in the 60s, Sunday — Partly Cloudy, Temps in the 70s

Mighty Mo’:

Things got a little weird on Wednesday/Thursday when they started dropping the high water pretty dramatically but now it has stabilize to around 7300 cfs. The constant water flows have brought some great fishing. With that said, if your drift is off or if your rig isn’t set up right, you’re going to have a tough time on the Missouri.
Nymphs: #1 Worms, #2 Frenchies, Scuds, Sowbugs, Pill Popper, Green Machine, Psycho May, MFG
*** Make sure you’re fishing 7 to 8 feet from your fly line to your top fly and put some weight. Nymph rigs have to sink to the bottom of the water you’re fishing. It doesn’t do any good have it hang two feet off the river bottom. Make sure you get it down deep. If you’re not bumping along, adjust. If you’re getting snagged then you’ve found the bottom and now just adjust the strike indicator.
Dry Flies: 401K, Puprple Haze, CDC Baetis Dun, Cripple BWO, Hi-Vis Spinner BWO, Purple Para-Wolff
*** For you dry fly purists, the PMDS have started to hatch but barely. The mega hatch is almost here just have to be a little more patient. Caddis are out. Stick to the basics. Always cast down stream and get your drift right!
Streamers: Kreelex, Sparkle Minnow, Sparkle Yummy, Skiddish Smolt, Doc’s Articulator, Lil Kim, Polar Minnow
*** Streamer fishing should be good when the clouds are out. Sinking leaders and sink tip fly line are key.


What are the fish doing in these high flows?
They’ll be down in the deeper water, eating all the stuff that’s coming through the dam. The reason why high water is going to be good fishing is because all the food is pouring out of the dam and the fish are ready to gorge on their down-stream-buffet.
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Until next time, have a good weekend!
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