Brown trout

Allow us to throw a plug in here for some meteorological stability: it’s real nice to start June with a bunch of days in the mid 70s. The fishing is settling into its usual June rhythm; you can feel it getting better out there. Though we’re not yet at peak PMD madness, we’ve seen the first mini-wave of the little yellow fellows. The caddis are zipping around there in low but increasing numbers. While we’re hoping against hope that we get some more water, it’s looking increasingly likely that the MO will bare her bones this summer. Low flows mean larger temperature swings over the day, so keep that in mind as you head out there.

Nymphing: The fish are starting to once again disperse through the river. As a general rule for this time of year, we tend to start deeper in the morning and then shallow up as the day progresses. Try around 5 feet in the AM and periodically check the shallower, faster water as the hatches get fish moving in and eating more. Fly selection is a bit of a smorgasbord; we’re hearing everything from double sowbug rigs at 6’ to short leashing PMD patterns at 2’. I like to split the difference and start with a sowbug/PMD combo, like a Tailwater sowbug to a #14 or #16 Pheasant Tail. Run 3X to the first bug and then go to 4X for the second pattern. A B or BB shot should suffice at current flows. Don’t discount going long and light if the hatch really gets cookin’.

Dry flies: Not many pods out there at press time, but we’re close. With the return of the caddis hatch, a well placed Corn Fed Caddis will get a couple of looks over the course of the day. You can always roll a general attractor (hint: ant pattern) just to see if they’re looking up. Give it just a few more days and we’ll all be out there throwing Rusty Spinners at rising fish. But not quite yet.

Streamers: Drag the long flies through the green-tinged waters of the canyon, or in the upper river at low light. Though we’re looking at largely sun days up ahead, there may be a few pop up storms as we settle into summer. Keep that 6/7 weight handy for those precious moments when the skies pour down and the brown trout feast off of the rip rap banks.

Other bulletins: The heavy traffic we’ve anticipated for this year is officially here. As always, be safe and courteous. Give people space, spend minimal time on the ramp, and communicate with the boats around you. The shop here is rolling from 7:30-6 PM and 24 hours on the World Wide Web. We’ll see you out here with the usual mix of fly shop talk, black coffee, and top notch customer service.

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