Missouri River Brown Trout    The ol’ MO has been a bit mercurial of late, but we’re still catching big fish. The river seems to be in what I call the “almost” phase. Streamer fishing? It’s almost getting going. Fall Baetis hatches? We’re almost there. That being said, the Tricos and Pseudos are alternatively entertaining/frustrating to fish to. Big pods are still up consistently, though you may have to think out of the box to catch ‘em. Try your usual spent Trico patterns, but be ready with emergers as well. My favorite hatch-breaking bug of late has been the Corn Fed Caddis in 16 or 18. There is still a smattering of hoppers around as well. If you’re going to give the hopper a go, be prepared to give it a few river miles to work its magic.
     Nymphing has been steady in the upper river. There’s a barrage of weeds tumbling down the drift, so focus your efforts on inside bends and runs that look clean. The lower river is worse than the upper for the green stuff. I’ve compiled a list below of two-fly nymph rigs that will work with names that made me chuckle to myself.
Missouri River Fly Fishing
Here’s Our Favorites for Fall
ZZ Top- Zirdle to a Zebra Midge
Lion’s Delight- two Zebra Midges
Parisian Zoo- Frenchie to a Zebra Midge
Parisian Café- two Frenchies
The Eastern Block- two Czech Nymphs
Thunderstorm- Tailwater Sowbug to a Lighting Bug
Mashed Potatoes- two Tailwater Sowbugs
The Love Seat- Zirdle to a Love Bug
The Honeymoon Suite- two Love Bugs
Dessert After Lunch- Thin Mint to a Green Machine
Comment your own two fly rigs and names below! The most creative combo and name will win some free nymphs and a sticker.

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