Mighty Mo’ Fishing Report

“May the BWO be with you.”

Current Flows: 4,000 cfs
Weather ForecastSaturday High 60s & sunny Sunday  Mid 60s & partly cloudy/chance of rain
Hatch Report: Midges, BWOs
The baetis or more commonly called BWO are out in full force. In fact, some folks have said “There may be too many on the water.” When there’s a lot on the water, your fly is just one of a gazillion on the water which makes it a bit harder. But have no fear, your CrossCurrents Missouri River Fly Fishing Report is here. (Important Note: We received two big pallets full of our NRS order which means we’ve got all you could ever want for your trip to the Smith River even the new toilets. Come get geared up at our shop in Craig or Helena!)
Nymphs: Green Machine #18, Olive Napoleon Jig #18, Pill Popper #12 – #16, Caviar Scud #12 – #16, Poxyback Sow Bug #12/#14, Tunsim Fire Bead Sowbug #12 – #16, Zebra Midge #16 – #20, AMEX #14-#16, Tailwater Sow #12 – #14, Pyscho May #18 – #20, Crystal Bender Baetis, #18 – #20
***Start off in the morning with tailwater stuff sowbugs, scuds and then late morning switch over to mayfly nymphs like jig nymphs — like Olive Napoleon, Pyscho May, Green Machine all size #18.
Dry Flies401K Baetis #18 – #20, Film Critic BWO #18, Griffiths Gnat #18 – #22, Cluster Midge #14 – #18, Purple Haz #16 –  #18, Parachute Adams #16 – #18, Hi-Vis Spinner BWO #16 – #20, Sprout Emerger BWO #16 – #20, RS2 #16 – #20, Low Rider Skwala
***Dry Fly has been really productive the last couple of days, even in the snow. All it takes is the wind to calm down and the dry fly fishing will be excellent. There are a ton of bugs out on the water!
Streamers: Lil’ Kim, Game Changer, JJ Special, Sparkle Minnows, Flash Fry Zonker, Kreelex, Docs Articulator, Sparkle Yummy
***Streamer fishing has been good. You want to use that sinking leader and sink tip. You can fish the big stuff like game changer or other articulated streamers. The top streamers are Game Changer, Lil’ Kim, Sparkle Minnows, or Flash Fry Zonker.


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