2022 AIRE Tributary 14.0 Raft Package #1



2022 AIRE Tributary 14.0 HD Raft Package
$5,100 (Retail for this set up is $7,800.)
NO Shipping Available for this item. It MUST be picked up in Craig!

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2022 AIRE Tributary 14.0 HD Raft Package #1
$5,100 (Retail for this set up is $7,800.)

NO SHIPPING on this Boat Package -This MUST be picked up at our Craig Store.  If you buy it here on our website, we will hold it for you and make arrangements with you to pick it up. (Fall is a great time to fish the Missouri, so make a fun trip to pick up the raft and use it on the MO!)

2022, 14’’ AIRE Tributary 14.0 HD Self-Bailing Raft/Frame/Oar/Accessories Package for sale. It’s one we used in our rental fleet for the 2022 rental season and it’s in very good condition with 1 small patch just in the outer skin -not on the air retentive AirCell. The custom NRS aluminum frame is fully adjustable and crazy durable. It can be adjusted to any size rower and modified to accommodate any kind of river trip -from fun floats with just paddles, to a super nice fishing set up for 3 peeps, to a multi-day excursion -like the Smith River. Comes with Sawyer Smoker Dynalite Oars w/ Wide Blade and a Polecat spare, K-Pump, 30# Pyramid Anchor, Repair Kit and more.

Package Details:
-2022 AIRE Tributary 14.0 HD Self-Bailing Raft (14’L x 6’10″W, 20” tubes) Custom NRS Aluminum Frame:
-82″ Side Rails
-60″ Angler Seat Bar w/ Tempress Fish On Folding Seat w/ Swivel
-60″ Foot Bar
-60″ Cross Bars (x2)
-High Back Rower’s Seat
-Stern Seat Mount w/ High-Back Plastic Drain-hole Seat w/ Swivel
-NRS Side Pull Anchor Mount System w/ Long Anchor Mount
-8″ NRS Oar Mounts w/ NRS Superston Oar Locks w/ SS Springs and Washers
-50′ of 1/2″ Boat Line Anchor Rope w/ Locking-D Carabiner
-3/8″ Boat Line on Bow and Stern for pull lines
-7, NRS Cam Straps (5 for Frame to Raft, 2 for Spare Oar to Frame)
-K-Pump, K-100 Hand Pump in Storage/Carry Bag
-Basic Raft Repair Kit w/ Patches, Glue & Tools
-2, 9′ Sawyer Smoker Dynelite Oars (wood shafts) w/ Rope Wraps and Rubber Stops and Wide Blades
-1, 9’ Sawyer Polecat Oar Shaft (black) w/ Rope Wrap and Rubber Stops and Wide Dynelite Blade
-30# Lead Pyramid Anchor
-Warranty: 5 Years (4 years remaining)

Notes: This is kind of our standard Smith River raft that we rent out. Perfect for 2-3 people and their camping gear. Excellent for day trips with 3 people who want to hit the river for fishing but you can also pull the frame and pile 6 people in here with paddles for a fun float or whitewater. The NRS Frame is completely modular and customizable. Lots of other add ons if you want. The Tributary is a great value boat that will bring you years of enjoyment. They will last you many seasons if you take care of it. (Clean it and apply 303 Protectant a few times per year and store it indoors or under a tarp in winter.) The 5-year warranty will transfer to the buyer so there will be 4 years left after this season. (You won’t need to worry about the warranty now -the boat is in very good condition and if there was any defect it certainly would have showed up by now.) Please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call in our Craig store if you are interested in this raft.

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