Jet Fuel Fly Floatant, 1oz. Bottle


Jet Fuel Fly Floatant, 1oz bottle

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Jet Fuel Fly Floatant
1oz. Bottle

This is THE original Jet Fuel Fly Floatant made exclusively by the crazy chemist at CrossCurrents Fly Shop in Montana

This is the smaller, 1oz. bottle.  (Handy size for a smaller pack or for traveling) [Click Here to order the 2oz Bottle]

We blend 6 ingredients to make this super, liquid fly floatant to be the most effective you can use!  Jet Fuel Fly Floatant is the ultimate dry fly floatant and works great on all flies -including CDC.  (Yes, it’s better than the 2 ingredient flyagra. That might be a catchier name, but ours is a better floatant!).  It also works awesome on yarn strike indicators or on the wool if you use the New Zealand Strike Indicator System.

Simply dunk your fly into the special liquid for a couple of seconds. Then false cast your fly about 20 times to dry off the liquid.  Your fly will now float and perform perfectly for hours.  It does help make your flies more durable, especially CDC, by keeping them from getting soaked or slimed by fish.  If you don’t love it, we’ll buy it back.  This is the best dry fly floatant you can use! Money back guarantee -if you don’t like it, CrossCurrents Fly Shop will buy it back from you. We think you will love it.

The bottle is leakproof and nearly indestructible.  Please keep your bottle and if you stop by either of our stores, we refill the 1oz. bottle for only $4, the 2oz bottle for just $5.

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