Korkers Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Sole


Korkers Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Sole
Item Number:  FA3075
Purchased in Montana so NO SALES TAX


Korkers Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Sole
Item Number:  FA3075
Korkers Triple Threat Sole System with Aluminum Bar

  • Rubber Sole with 10 Aluminum Bars per pair are super grippy!!
  • Triple Threat Sole System allows you to customize these soles with either Aluminum Bars, Aluminum Hex Discs, or Carbide Spikes (Can even combine all three of these at the same time.)
  • OmniTrax 3.0 Interchangeable Sole System securely locks in the soles to the bottom of the boots
  • Adaptable Traction Footwear for your specific wading needs
  • NO SALES TAX  as this product is purchased in Montana

The 100% customizable sole that gives you endless spike, bar and hex disc traction configurations for the ultimate in options.
Sticky rubber outsole with over-molded threaded stainless steel receptacles to accept our proprietary bolt-on traction enhancement system to mix and match your traction system. Choose one sole with its traction option, then add the components from the other two for a complete set.

These OmniTrax 3.0 Replacement Soles fits the following Korkers Wader BootsWraptrMen’s DarkhorseWomen’s DarkhorseMen’s BuckskinBuckskin MaryGreenback.

Other OmniTrax 3.0 Interchangeable Soles available from CCFS:  Plain Felt,  Studded Felt,  Kling-On,  Studded Kling-OnAlumatraxTriple Threat- AL Hex,  Triple Threat- AL Bar.

Shop Staff Notes The new Korkers Triple Threat Sole System is a game changer for wading shoe grip and versatility.  With three different metal insert options, you can easily adapt to the type and amount of traction you need. We sell these Korkers replacement soles as individuals (i.e.- Triple Threat Aluminum Hex Disc Soles, or Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Soles) but you can replace or interchange them with any of the three types of metal inserts: Aluminum Bars, Aluminum Hex Discs or Carbide Spikes.  You can even have some of all three attached at the same time. (Not exactly sure why you would want to do that, but you can!) These are truly a serious improvement on the Alumatrax Sole -which are super grippy as well but the Triple Threat amps up that bite even more.  Not appropriate to use when you’re on a raft (especially one of our rental rafts!) but awesome when you are wade fishing on rivers like the Blackfoot, Madison or Rock Creek.  These soles also are great choices for wading in places where the governments have imposed felt sole bans.  Even when you use non-felt soles, you need to be aware of Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) aka Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Please INSPECT. CLEAN, DRY all your wading gear.  Here are some resources about ANS:  MT FWP AISANS Task ForceUSDA AISWhirling Disease Info from TUClean Angling.

Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX

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