Orvis USA Nippers


Orvis USA Nippers
Colors:  Pewter,  Midnight, Cobalt,  Moss,  Citron (limited edition)
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Orvis USA Nippers
Colors:  Pewter,  Midnight,  Cobalt,  Moss,  Citron

  • Ultra Premium Nipper w/ Lanyard
  • Machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Type III Military-Spec Anodizing
  • Ergonomically shaped with a precision hinge and spring that add power to your snip!
  • Rotating Hood-Eye Cleaner made out of Heat-treated Inconel Steel (This is a SWEET feature that no other nipper has!)
  • Replaceable cutter blades
  • Lanyard made from Fly Line with a precision machined and anodized breakaway devise
  • Made by folks that love precision and fly fishing in Vermont, USA!
  • Comes in 4 Type III Anodized Colors:  Pewter (matches Mirage USA Reel),  Midnight (matches Mirage USA Reel), Cobalt,  Moss,  Citron
  • FREE Shipping on this product -use code:  ccfsfreeship

Not your ordinary nipper. Made in the USA of machined 6061-T6 aluminum, the Ovis USA Nippers incorporate a piano-style hinge that adds mechanical advantage for easily cutting anything from 80 lb to 8X tippet. Replaceable cutter and anvil offer excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. Ergonomic contour for comfort and enhanced function. Type III military-spec anodized. Rotating hook-eye cleaner. Comes with lanyard made from fly line.

Shop Staff Notes Do you NEED a $79 nipper with type-III anodizing, heat-treated, inconel steel and lanyard?  Well…. But this is one luxury item that is very functional and has a slick factor that goes to 11!  Many of our Shop Staff Members and Guides have gotten a pair of these and everyone loves them.  They do cut amazingly well, the rotating hook-eye cleaner is crazy cool and the shape does make it easy to cut any kind of tippet material. We love the craftsmanship behind these little gadgets and the fact that we have met the folks who make them. It’s a cool story!

This does make for a great gift for someone who loves to fly fish and “has everything.”

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