Para Wulff


Para Wulff
Colors:  Adams,  BWO,  PMD,  Purple
Sizes:  #12,  #14,  #16,  #18,  #20,  #22


Para Wulff
Colors:  Adams,  BWO,  PMD,  Purple
Sizes:  #12,  #14,  #16,  #18,  #20,  #22

What kind of love child would result if a classic Parachute fly and a burly winged Wulff got together?  Why, a Para Wulff!  These are great flies to use when you want a more visible and buoyant Calf Tail (or Calf Body) split-wing in your classic parachute patterns.  A great Mayfly imitator or just use it as an attractor dry fly.  It’s also a perfect pattern to use as a lead fly when you want to attach a dropper off the bend of the hook -whether you’re using a beadhead nymph, an emerger or another dry fly.

For the best performance with this dry fly use it with our amazing Jet Fuel Fly Floatant!  It will make your dry fly float high on the water for hours.

Note- There may be slight variations from the photos as we have several tiers and slight differences in dye batches in the materials. But not to worry, all of them are fish catching morsels!  Also, not all colors are available in all sizes.

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