TenkaraUSA The Keeper


TenkaraUSA The Keeper
Tenkara Line and Fly Keeper Gadget

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TenkaraUSA The Keeper
Tenkara Line and Fly Keeper Gadget

The Keeper is a tenkara line keeping solution that incorporates an integrated fly compartment. It is designed to hold two tenkara lines, or tenkara line and tippet as well as some flies for a minimalist and innovative solution to manage your tenkara line(s).

1% of the sale price of this line will go directly to conservation efforts

Shop Staff Notes:  The new Tapered Nylon Line are easy to cast and fish and cost a little less than the hand-woven, Spectra Traditional Tapered Line.  These lines have a bit more stiffness and is more visible than the Traditional Tapered Line.  TIP- Tie on a short (say 3′ to 4′) of heavier “butt section leader” -it doesn’t need to be tapered.  We often use 0X Tippet or just a section of an old tapered leader.  We just tie a perfection loop on the terminal end of this piece.  On the end of that, we add our about 2′ to 4′ of 4X or 5X Tippet via a loop-to-loop by tying a perfection loop in our Tippet.

Here is a short video showing you all about the The Keeper:  The Keeper -TenkaraUSA Line & Fly Keeper.
To learn more about TenkaraUSA’s rods, lines, flies and more and how to fish with tenkara rods check out their YouTube Channel: TenkaraUSA on YouTube.

TenkaraUSA rods we carry:  Iwana,  Sato,  Rhodo,  Hane,  Ito,  Amago
TenkaraUSA lines we carry:  Traditional Tapered,  Nylon Tapered,  Level

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