Wire Worm


Wire Worm
Color:  Red  ;  Sizes: #4, #6, #8
Purchase made in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX


Wire Worm  (aka- Steel Worm)
Color:  Red  ;  Sizes: #4, #6, #8

Doesn’t look like much of a fly pattern but you can’t argue with it’s amazing success at catching fish!  The entire body of the Wire Worm is Large Ultra Wire with a thread clitellum (Yes, that’s a real word and an actual anatomical part of a real worm.  It’s the thick band around the worm that secretes mucus. -I betcha didn’t know you would get a little macro invertebrate biology lesson on this website! Always learning something with fly fishing.)  The key to the Wire Worm (or Steel Worm) is it’s weight and streamline design allow it to SINK FAST.  In higher water flows or when you are trying to fish deeper, this fly pattern can do the depth charging job.  We use this fly even during normal flows as a lead fly so we don’t need to add a split shot on the leader. The volume of this fly pattern we sell is a good indicator that anglers dig them because they work. We sell more Wire Worms than we do regular, chenille, San Juan Worms (though, those are crazy effective as well).

Missouri River Tip:  During the Spring when we get higher water flows (say above 7,500cfs), here’s a great way to fish using this fly as a dropper nymph off our popular Wire Worm or Tungsten Firebead Sowbug. (FYI- the MO gets hazardous to wade fish above 7500 cfs)  Use one of our Thingamabobber Nymph Rigs:  1-Drop 4′-6′ of 2X tippet off the swivel,  2-Add 12″-15″ of 3X tippet on the end of the 2X (use a Surgeon Knot or Blood Knot),  3-Tie on a #4 – #6 Wire Worm or a #12 – #14 Tungsten Firebead Sowbug4-Tie on 12″-15″ of 4X tippet off the #4 – #6 Wire Worm or #12 – #14 Tunsgsten Firebead Sowbug (either on the bend of the hook or from the eye),  5-Tie on a #16 or #18  Pink Lightning Bug or Firebead Rays or Firebead Caviar Scud or Tungsten Firebead Sowbug6-Add a B or BB Split Shot on the 2X tippet above the knot with the 3X tippet (then the split shot will never slide down to your fly).  We use fluorocarbon tippet (Mirage or RIO FFP) because it sinks quicker, is more abrasion resistant and is stealthier.  When fishing from a boat (which is a must above 7500cfs), set your indicator to about the depth you are fishing (i.e.- fishing in 7′ of water, set your depth with your indicator to about 7′ from your bottom nymph to the indicator.)  [If I’m wade fishing I try to set the depth of my indicator about 1.5X the depth I’m fishing. i.e.- fishing in 6′ of water, set your indicator to about 9′ from bottom bug to bobber.]  The Thingamabobber Nymph Rig makes it super easy and quick to adjust your depth as you move from spot to spot.

Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX

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