Orvis Hydros SL Reel

“I bought my Orvis Hydros SL III at the beginning of last season, never having owned a disc drag reel before. I spooled it with the Orvis Hydros HD Power Taper line, rigged up my 5wt. rod and set out in search of the big Missouri River trout. It wasn’t long before my Hydros SL was handling a feisty rainbow. The sealed carbon disc drag system allowed the fish to make runs while safely keeping the right amount of tension without breaking off or pulling the hook. Once ready to be landed, the fish was easy to bring in with the reel’s zero start up inertia and quick retrieval rate because of the super large arbor (hence the name SL). My reel has withstood several battles with tough fish and hasn’t failed me once. For the retail price of $198-$259 depending on the size and the superior performance, I’d say the Hydros SL reel is one of the best reels on the market. Not unlike myself, this attractive and lightweight design will turn heads and land fish. Pick yours up today!” Trip Werrell-CCFS Shop Staff in Craig, MT

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