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Weekend Preview Fishing Report for 6.30.23 – 7.2.23
Current Flows: 8,000 cfs
Weather Forecast: Saturday — Sunny and almost 90   Sunday — Sunny and almost 90
Hatch Report: PMDs and Caddis aplenty’

Mighty Mo’ Report

Wooo buddy, the water took a drop on Thursday and is setting up for a fine Fourth of July Weekend. With the hot temps and the low flows in the middle of peak season on the Mo’, it is an incredible time to be fishing on the Missouri River. Also, the holiday fell on a Tuesday which has that work day Monday hanging out there and I’m proud of all the businesses that gave their employees off so they could go fishing. If your employer did that, you need to thank them with a picture of a huge rainbow or brown. So get out there and make that happen.
Nymphs: Pedersons Sow, Green Machine, Nose Picker PMD, Crystal Bender PMD, Psycho May PMD
*** Deep Nymphing is still rocking the fish. Start out 7-10 feet from indicator to a b split shot. Be sure to adjust throughout the day until you find your zone. Fishing the flats/ shallower banks with a short leash is a viable option as well.
Dry Flies: Hi-vis Rusty Spinner, Hi-vis PMD Spinner, D&D Cripple PMD, Film Critic PMD, Last Chance Cripple PMD, Sprout Emerger PMD, Tiltwing Dunn PMD, Corn Fed Caddis, Stocking Wing Caddis
*** Look for rising fish and park above them if you can find them. Reach cast and feed your dry flies down to them. Get out in the morning and look for the PMD hatch around 10 am. The bugs we have been seeing are anywhere from a size 18 to a larger size 14. Instead of tying on your dry flies with a clinch knot, try the nonslip mono loop knot. This will allow the fly to move more freely, thus reducing drag which, as you know, rising Missouri River fish do not like.
Streamers: Kreelex, Sparkle Minnow, Sparkle Yummy, Skiddish Smolt, Doc’s Articulator, Lil Kim, Polar Minnow
***  Streamer fishing with intermediate to fulll sink lines is viable provided there is cloud cover. Start off with white and work your way through different colors and vary your retrieve.



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